Colbert's Live Monologue After Trump's 2020 State of Disunion Address [VIDEO]

BeachDem2/05/2020 10:47:57 am PST

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I know, I’m just contrasting him with Doug Jones. There’s more at stake for Doug than Joe in this election and Doug’ came out in favor of removal today. I’m not crapping on Manchin necessarily but more saying that those who don’t see Rubin as a legitimate ally now are making a mistake. FDR and Churchill disagreed on colonialism, I’m still glad tehy worked together.

I will also say that Rubin goes after not just Trump but Republicans in general, and encourages people to vote for Democrats. Yeah, she’s a conservative and was a Romney fangirl, but she’s been pretty consistent in calling out Republicans, like this

and this

(that article ends with—look for a joyful campaigner with the energy and resilience to beat Trump. Don’t screw this up. We’re all depending on you.