Open Letter to the Jewish Members of LGF

justaminute4/28/2011 8:54:11 pm PDT

Life would be so great if we could work out the world’s problems on a blog. ;) I learned to leave my preconceived notions of anyone’s religion behind me; because more often than not it was wrong. When I married my husband the arguments we had on the Muslim faith were epic. When I went to Iran it changed in a lot of ways that are two numerous to mention.

While I will never convert, my whole attitude towards religion has changed. In some ways it is resentful because it causes, in my opinion, a whole multitude of various problems. My dealings with people who believe differently than me is to try to not say anything to denigrate their religion. It is not my journey in life to talk with authority on religion but to observe it.

I was raised in the Christian faith (that’s a whole other page) and closely observed the Muslim faith by marrying into a family that practices it. But I learned that how they practice it brings arguments from other Muslims. That’s why I remain a dedicated observer. The Jewish faith, I am slightly above clueless but I really like the people of the Jewish faith that I have met here.

I really admire you. I believe your a convert to the Muslim faith and from what I know of you from your writings, you practice it well. You are a good person.