Calls for the GOP to Break Out of Its "Media Cocoon"

Charleston Chew11/12/2012 11:36:32 am PST

re: #30 lostlakehiker

Two party politics will reemerge when today’s Democrat party fractures. Perhaps over the inherent tension between the interests of state employees and the need to face up to fiscal reality. Perhaps over whether to allow wind turbines, or nuclear power, or solar power…all of these carry some local cost to the environment, even as they are our only hopes for the general good of the planet. Perhaps over some other issue where the general public good is in tension with the desires of the party’s core supporters.

The Dem factions were all disillusioned for different reasons because it turned out that the President existed within the bounds of reality and was not made of magic.

But it was the GOP that held the coalition together this year. By being so scary-crazy.