Live Video: President Obama Speaks in Bristow, VA

b_sharp11/04/2012 10:00:52 am PST

re: #512 Shropshire_Slasher

I have had very good luck with Labradors, loyal, obedient and loyal. Get him/her at 8 weeks. Chocolates are dumb. No really, I have one and he is dumber than a box of hammers, but won’t let me outta his sight. His nickname is 100 pounds of stupid. BBL, just my two pennies.

My family has been into German Shepherds for 50 years. Large, extremely intelligent, very loyal and they have a mythology associated with them (police dogs) that works well as a deterrent.

Pit bulls are also good dogs, not as bright as a Shepherd, but even more loyal and their mythology is an even better deterrent.