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re: #550 Joanne

My friend rescues Pitts. She has six of them. Some of them are so damned cute, too. Big lumps of love. But they do need a big of a firmer hand. I got my friend a Pitt rescue and that boy is so spoiled. He could use a little bit more, uhm, guidance.

Yeah, they are a lot of dog. IMHO any big dog needs an experienced owner. Well, any dog, but a big dog can be a big liability without training. Pitts are unbelievably strong. Probably have the strongest jaw structure I’ve ever seen in a dog. They are built like tanks. I don’t think I could upset one if I ran at him.

I think it’s important to be able to physically control your dog if necessary. Not sure I could physically control a Pitt, where I could a Dobe or GSD. Pitts don’t even have enough hair to grab on to.