Reddit foams at the mouth about Israel building houses in Jerusalem

CuriousLurker8/12/2013 2:02:48 pm PDT

re: #51 rosiee

I have said many positive things, I’m not a bigot. I don’t wanna put words in her mouth but I think CL would vouch for me.

If you hadn’t essentially implied (in your #2) that Political Atheist is an anti-Semite because he commented on the houses being built instead of the Reddit thread, then I might have been willing to vouch for you.

Political Atheist neglects to comment on the reddit thread though because people like to pretend the opposition to Israeli settlements is based on justice for Palestinians and not just hate for Jews.

Our political differences & geographical distance from each other aside, I consider him a friend and a decent guy who always tries to be even-handed and is unfailingly civil. You, not so much. (Though I am inclined—perhaps foolishly—to chalk up a good deal of the stuff you say to your youth and lack of experience.)

You opened this Pandora’s box knowing what an emotionally volatile subject it is for many people, so you get to deal with the shit storm it’s causing on your own.