Twitter Built a Whole New Feature to Deal With Donald Trump's Rage-Tweeting

plansbandc6/27/2019 5:28:02 pm PDT

Dem twitter scolds make me seriously consider quitting social medial. Am already really close to canning FB, maybe twitter needs to go too.

I’m just fucking tired of it. If only you had done this this and this, then this wouldn’t be this. Well I did do that, but not enough other people did too. So here we are.

And we’re either going to give up, which I’m about ready to, or we are going to have to start digging out of the mess. Glad I’m old. It would suck to be young right now. The kids are going to have to change shit, and I don’t have a magical formula for getting them to care enough to do so. Do they want to live in a fascist country? More and more, I think they do.