Trutherfest Coming to New York on 9/11

Mad Prophet Ludwig9/08/2010 1:42:17 pm PDT

re: #35 Slumbering Behemoth

You gotta love how these centuries old, shadowy cabals like to take their sweet fuckin’ time dominating the people of earth. You’d think they’d get bored with the lack of progress and just play darts or something.

As a mere human, you would think that about the designs of Remulak.

Let me ask you this:

Suppose you were an interstellar power and you wanted to conquer a backwater world that none the less had many exceptionally hot Jewish girls.

You could easily set up an orbital battery of high precision neutron death rays and make certain “examples” out of world leaders with some high profile vaporizations. It is always a crowd pleaser when someone is peaking, there is a violet flash and then nothing but a steaming pile of what looks like freeze dried coffee and bits of smoldering shoe left on the podium.

You then could easily destroy all of that world’s backwater military tech. I mean really, super carrier vs, rail gun shots from orbit. Who wins?

But then the populace resents you. Those hot Jewish girls you came here to seduce, get cranky at you for being a meanie and your mother tells you to come home and be “real” doctor.

But consider this:

Suppose you let your backwater species destroy themselves - or at east get to the brink in such a spectacular fashion that everyone of you realizes how crazy and worthless most humans are. Suppose that you come to a point by your own hand, where you are facing extinction, despite the countless ignored warnings of your scientists and intellectuals.

Suppose then that, as you stare a self wrought oblivion in the eye, the benevolent and kindly advanced technology of Remulak saves your planet and disarms your wingnuts, moonbats, jihadis and other nutjobs? Then you LOVE us for taking over. No pesky rebellions and the hot Jewish girls want to ride in your saucer.

Win win win.