Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

iceweasel7/07/2010 9:21:13 pm PDT

Oh hey, from the wiki on the Wichita case:

David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, and Thomas Sowell all stated that the crime did not garner much airtime or space in the national mainstream media due to political correctness.[5][6] Sowell went on to claim that the media has a double standard regarding interracial offenses, tending to play up “vicious crimes by whites against blacks” but play down equally “vicious crimes by blacks against whites”.[2]</blockquote>

So this wasn’t at all a meme confined to the worst places on the web, but one that the above hatemongers were also pushing and trying to mainstream.
Anyway, there are loads of other examples, and the real question would be, why are Malkin, D-Ho, and Sowell pushing tinfoil conspiracies found on stormfront and WORSE places?