Ted Cruz Is a Fan of the Stupidest Man on the Internet, Because of Course He Is

HappyWarrior11/30/2015 11:18:36 am PST

re: #556 jaunte

Those are pretty good. Not oversweet.

Yeah I enjoyed them. We were talking on our lunch break one day and I told him (he’s Taiwanese) that I noticed that no American Chinese places do breakfast. He said most of the ones that do are in Chinatowns or Chinese enclaves. Just so happened that he visited his mother in NYC and brought back the entire office pastries the following week. If I had stayed there longer, I would have brought in the potica (nut roll) that my cousin makes us every year and sends down. Anyone ever tried those? Those are good. More of a dessert than breakfast item. I’m partial to the poppyseed myself which is gravy for me since I’m the only one in the family who likes that flavor. Teh others are more partial to the walnut.