Overnight Open Thread

FFL (GOP Delenda Est)2/18/2010 8:34:42 am PST

re: #532 Obdicut

I worked for a contracting firm that fluffed resumes without informing their employees that they did so.

Then, one day, a federal manager asked one of the contractor analysts about his time at Marshall University… Turns out that the fluffed resume had pushed the analyst’s attending period at Marshall back to the same years that the manager had been going there. Marshall is not a large school, and the computer science department was not that large.

A week later there was a meeting where we all got to see the resumes that the firm was submitting when bidding on contracts. We couldn’t keep them, we just got to see them. With the implication that we’d therefore aid the firm in lying if asked about our background.

Mine had me four years older than I was (approximately), three more years work experience than I actually had, and also holding a Master’s Degree in Computer Science (I had a B.S.).

I took immediate steps to get out. In fact, I was working for a totally different contracting firm in a different city within three months.