Overnight Open Thread

drcordell2/18/2010 8:35:06 am PST

re: #558 jaunte

I hear about this practice a lot. My company has always been advised by our accountant that this is not legal, and that an IRS audit would get us in a lot of trouble if they found out our small company (34 employees) was doing it. How do the bigger corporations manage to get around employment laws without some whistleblower going to the IRS?

Don’t ask me, I couldn’t believe it myself. Especially considering it’s widely known that nearly every major media corporation operating in NYC does it with widespread impunity. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, VH1, you name the network, they all do it. The manhattan media gossip site Gawker helped coin the term “permalancers” to describe the position. According to the NYTimes article I guess the Government is actually taking an interest in enforcing labor laws now that Obama is in charge.