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re: #565 William Barnett-Lewis

I’m not a big dog person but I do want a dog to go hunting with. Preferably the impossible - one that can flush a pheasant or retrieve a duck. Perhaps that would get me into a dog…

Well, if you want just a hunting dog, you could contact your local gun club and ask where you could get one. My breeder sold one of their Brittany’s for $3K. She was way too much of a Brittany to sell to sell to just anyone, so she went to “Hunt Training Camp” for about 8 months and was sold thru the “Camp”.

All reports are that she is a happy, healthy, kennelled outside-in-straw, hunting-only dog. Don’t think the selling price began to cover the costs of “Hunting Camp”. She couldn’t be in the home after about 6 months. Just WILD.