Overnight Acoustic: Tommy Emmanuel, "Questions"

Backwoods_Sleuth6/08/2015 4:59:35 am PDT


The setting is Kaufman, Texas, and what happened is that a couple of Sunday nights ago, on May 31, someone decided they would leave a message on a van belonging to a church with a black pastor, John Weaver. The message of pure hate and ignorance they spray painted on the van was:

“No N*iggers”

It should be noted that the Weaver family is the only African-American family living in their neighborhood, so it quickly becomes painfully obvious that the message on the van was meant for them. Pastor Weaver says:

“What really got me is, they put it on the church bus. Golly, we are Christians. We ain’t got no hate.”

But these racist vermin were not quite finished terrorizing the Weaver family. They also took the time to poison their puppy, Ka-lo.