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re: #56 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

There is a well documented case in Jedwabne where Germans stood and watched as the local Poles locked the village Jews in a barn and torched it, but those who would dare mention it now face a prison sentence.

They were nearly as anti-Semitic as the Germans, they just did not have an industrially organized ideology behind it.

I can’t say about prison sentences and such. When we were in Poland that didn’t exist.

As for being “nearly as anti-Semitic as the Germans,” that doesn’t really square with Poland having the largest population of Jews of any European nation prior to WW2. (Table, percentage of Jews in the world by nation. Poland had far-and-away the highest percentage of Jews in the whole world.)

As for anti-Semites, they existed in every country. If you bring up a well-documented atrocity, so will I. The SS Saint Louis. The USA wound up sending Jews to extermination camps.