Seth Meyers: Don Jr. Subpoenaed as Trump Lies About Mueller Report [VIDEO]

Anymouse 🌹5/10/2019 2:28:54 am PDT

I don’t want to live with moonbats or wingnuts any more.

Product Promises to Detox Ex-Boyfriends’ Imprint Left on the Womb (Goes to Without a Crystal Ball at Patheos, an atheist blogger)

A vaginal product called the Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearl promises to help cleanse women’s wombs of their past sexual partners. The product sold online uses a combination of herbs and supplements wrapped into a tiny ball. Women are encouraged to shove the pearl up their vagina and pray away their ex’s bad energy.

According to an instructional video on the Goddess Detox website, the “CEO” Vanessa White instructs women on how to use the product.

White, who also goes by “Olanikeeosi” shills detox pearls that contain a variety of herbs and supplements. Some of the ingredients include Cnidium, Stemona, Motherwort, Angelica, and Rhizoma. She claims these herbs will reduce menstrual cramps, increase libido, kill parasites, remove toxins, and help women ‘Detox their Ex.”