Rachel Corrie and her Dedication to Peace

Bob Levin9/02/2012 9:13:13 pm PDT

re: #55 CuriousLurker

If I had to choose the latter, then my interpretation would be that she symbolizes the dehumanization of Israelis & Palestinians that has resulted from a festering, dysfunctional, decades-long conflict. She symbolizes youth poisoned & twisted by a steady diet of hateful propaganda. She symbolizes the hope & bright potential of yet another generation snuffed out by the dark forces of “realpolitik”, corruption, cynicism, and third-party jockeying for national interests. Most of all, she symbolizes the futility of believing that continuing on the current path will lead to anything other than more death & suffering for everyone involved.

Okay, maybe it’s possible to un-ring a bell. You’ve successfully un-symbolized her. That’s impressive, not kidding.

Perhaps I should ask, in popular culture, what does the symbol of Rachel Corrie mean? And do you sense any waves of culture attempting to do what you’ve just done here?