Outrageous Outrage of the Day

changomo5/06/2010 4:56:22 pm PDT

Looking at the link that Charles Posted:

One of the boys wearing the American Flag clothing was part Hispanic too, (viewing the video) - and no where in the video or article does it say that the 4 boys had any past history of misconduct - nor did it mention any inappropriate behavior.

Again, some people feel like it’s a human right not to be offended, I’m sorry - but as an American that believes in free speech - the American Flag clothing on ANY day in America should be never censored.

To Mexicans offended by the American flag in America on a Mexican holiday, I say show some humility, the fact is you/your family left Mexico voluntarily, I assume to live a better life. Why did you leave Mexico? The majority is due to America values having have created a society with more opportunity and the chance to improve your lot in life.

Again, if I immigrated to Mexico because America became run by drug cartels, and unemployment was rampant - the last thing I would do on 4th of July in Mexico City is be offended by a kid wearing a Mexican flag shirt (and minding his business, not bothering me on top of that)