Robert Spencer and the Extremists

Daria Emmons9/09/2009 3:07:22 pm PDT

re: #559 HoosierHoops

Daria Daria Daria.. That is all you gleaned from 2 hours of links? I’m surprised..
Daria..I’m going to make this simple for you…Without snark..
It’s all about Principles.. It’s who are as a person..Where you draw the line…
Who your friends are…What you believe in…Your very soul..
I hhave learned this much over the last 2 years on Blogs…
Links matter…Big time..
Be well

I would agree if Brian linked to Stormfront or National Vanguard, or even an open Vlaams Belang blog, such as Brussels Journal.

But linking to both LGF and Jihad Watch? This makes him a fascist enabler? On what planet? Robert Spencer is not the same as Stormfront, et al. He is simply not an open Nazi, and I don’t think he even is a Nazi at all. He rather turns a blind eye to Nazi-types around him. That may seem like a minor difference, but it is something. It is enough of something that major figures link to Robert Spencer, and even Bruce Bawer has publicly reviewed Spencer’s latest book. Does that make Bawer a fascist enabler?

I understand the beef with Robert Spencer. I do not understand the beef with those who link to Spencer. This is starting to become ridiculous, when you get to that level.