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Gus7/04/2010 7:36:05 pm PDT

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littlegreenfootballs.comre: #549 Gus 802

I think people are seizing Steele’s comments to float exactly that strategy and see how it plays for the GOP more broadly.
I also think that it’s not just a gaffe— this is a view that is more widespread than we’d like to admit, and very soon I think it will be the dominant GOP view.

They appear to have lost all their prior smarts about messaging. I fully expect the wingnuts to tag Afghanistan as “Obama’s War”, and have complete amnesia. They’re reacting at about the level of rats in a skinner experiment. They think “War was bad for Bush eventually in 2008, so it will be bad for Obama in 2012, right?”

That’s about the extent of republican ‘strategery’ at the moment.

Correct. Technically or politically, the expected move from the GOP would be to make the Afghanistan War, Obama’s War. Doesn’t mean I agree with it but it’s a typical shrewd political strategy. Now I’m not saying all of the GOP leadership would be behind this strategy but a great deal. I’m also not including the GOP house and senate.