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Kosh's Shadow9/09/2009 3:08:50 pm PDT

re: #568 EmmmieG


Sorry for the nagging (but I’m a mom, that’s my job) but September is…Emergency Preparedness Month. (I know that has you all jumping out of your seats in excitement.)

Today’s topic is: power outages.

What is your 30 second plan if the power goes out? Seriously, can you find your way to a secondary light source in the dark? Can you tell me where a flashlight is right now?

What is your 30 minute plan? 3 hour plan? 3 day plan?

Odds are really, really good that at least one lizard will experience a power outage this winter. The time be sure that you have back-up sources of light, heat, and heat to cook with are now (before an emergency drains supplies or makes the price go up.)

Okay, go back to your regularly scheduled snarking now.

I know where several flashlights are, largely the kind you crank so I know the batteries, if dead, can be charged in 30 seconds.
And the town’s largest water tank is in the hill behind our house, so we’ll have water for a little while, anyway.
We also live on a main street, so power outages get fixed quickly.
And finally, we’re getting all the overhanging limbs and bad trees cut down before they land on the house; last December’s ice storm was bad enough. (I had to cut some 2” “trees” to open the door, and we had some roof damage, but outside the wall. We didn’t lose power, but we lost cable TV for a week. We also did not lose phone or internet (DSL))