Kentucky T-Shirts for Sale: 'Yup, I'm A Racist'

Walter L. Newton7/04/2010 7:39:23 pm PDT

re: #572 Dark_Falcon

I’m not so sure, Ice. I do think that if they do that, it will mark a break in the party. That’s a road a good part of the party won’t walk down, People of that part of the party need to remind the rest of the GOP that the party will lose part of its base by choosing isolationism.

Michael Steele’s Afghanistan Comments Stir Up Furious Reaction From Conservatives

“Several prominent conservatives offered swift, negative reactions to Michael Steele on Friday, after the RNC chairman was caught on camera saying that Afghanistan is a largely unwinnable war of President Obama’s choosing.

The pushback crested with Bill Kristol — still an influential voice among Republican lawmakers — writing a letter to Steele on his Weekly Standard site calling for the RNC leader’s resignation.”

I suppose this was all planned ahead of time to get a reaction.