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OhNoZombies!11/04/2012 10:18:49 am PST

re: #490 Killgore Trout

I didn’t sleep as well last night but over all I’m calming down and a little less paranoid after the break in the other night. Seriously considering a lot of different security options. The one that would solve most problems is a good dog. Not a vicious attack beast but something that would bark when a stranger starts snooping around the yard. But I’m not a dog person and they take a lot of care, attention, walks, exercise etc. and I’m not sure how the cats will accept a new addition.
I’m also a little concerned about over doing security and attracting more attention. A new alarm system and blind system closing off the greenhouse every night might make thieves think I’m hiding a pot growing operation and give them more motivation to break in. As creepy as it is it might be better to let them look in and see I don’t have anythng that interests them.

I recommend a German Short- hair Pointer.
We had one named Guenther.
He was a big for his breed, a 125 lb. lap dog, but he had a deep, menacing growl and bark.
You could always depend on him to alert you if something was afoot.