Shock News! NSA Needs a Warrant to Analyze Social Connections of an American

A Mom Anon9/28/2013 1:48:57 pm PDT

re: #53 goddamnedfrank

Were there ever any Democrats saying this crazy kind of shit on the floor of Congress or on the news networks? I don’t remember it, it surely wasn’t a regular thing if it happened. And it’s not just the crazy that freaks me out, it’s the bold, in your face LYING these people are doing to the American people as elected officials. Right now it’s over healthcare and the debt ceiling and debit(which they confuse and use interchangeably knowing full well there’s a difference). Yeah, politicians lie, but this is over the top and it rarely gets called out. And they really shouldn’t be allowed to do it while they’re doing the People’s business. It’s one thing to disagree, fine, give me a reason why you do. But don’t lie, you should lose your job over that.