We Take a Short Trip Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole

sagehen7/09/2018 3:52:04 pm PDT

re: #54 ObserverArt

Was watching a little of Ari’s show tonight on MSNBC. He made mention that Susan Collins is not going to be at Trump’s Apprentice Supreme Court Judge reality show tonight.

Then they tried to discuss if that means she will not vote for Trump’s pick or is it a show for her home state folks that she is strong and doesn’t want to show her hand by hinting she is going to okay his nomination by being present.

I’m thinking it is all a show. She’ll go along with party because if she doesn’t she will be attacked by the Trump gang and Mitch will ignore her in the senate.

then again… when she voted against one of his healthcare fiascos, and was greeted with standing ovation at the airport, maybe that kind of positive reinforcement will pay dividends.