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Killgore Trout5/15/2011 4:32:27 pm PDT

Republicans are the party of no solutions…..
Boehner: Government can’t fix the housing crisis

House Speaker John Boehner is “skeptical” there is “anything the government can do” to alleviate America’s housing crisis - arguing that, ultimately, “you’re not gonna have more buyers until the economy improves.”
“I’m even more skeptical today that there’s anything the government can do to resolve these problems.”

If there were an easy answer to the crisis, he said, “then it’d have been passed and Congress would have acted, and the president would have signed it. But when you look at how big the problem is, it’s pretty clear to me that the sooner the market works through on this process, the sooner we deal with the problem mortgages and get those homes back on the market and sold.”