Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller Doesn't Even Blink, Just Keeps Hyping Absurd 'BOMBSHELL' Video

Ming10/03/2012 10:44:58 am PDT

I’m not happy to point this out, but I’m overwhelmed by how relentless the right-wing demonization of Obama has been, for years. Of course this is a silly little video that Tucker Carlson has. But I work in Maricopa County, Arizona, and I’m often reminded of how much people hate Obama.

I don’t want to be too quick to underestimate how devastating the effects of this demonization can be. I’m very glad that in the Democratic National Convention, Michelle and Barack reminded us of who they really are. And shortly thereafter, in the 47% video, Mitt Romney reminded us of who he really is.

It seems unlikely, but I’m still concerned that if we now go back to “normal”, the incessant dumping on Obama, that this may affect the polls. Again, I’m not predicting this will happen. But no matter how silly that video is, I don’t want to just laugh it off. Right now, as I’m typing this, I happen to be surrounded by some very nice people, who (due to Fox News indoctrination) really despise President Obama. So I’m afraid we may need to view even this silly little video with some seriousness.

Believe me, I hope I’m wrong.