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b_sharp11/04/2012 10:19:12 am PST

re: #561 Joanne

Doxies are FIERCE! I had a mini-doxie, 10 lbs, and she totally went all Tazmanian devil on my 85 pound dog when they first met. The big dog had a look on her face like W.T.F? It was hysterical. Best buds after that.

Italian greyhounds are adorable, but they break really easily. They can fracture a leg jumping off a couch or bed.

(I used to bred and show dogs. I also train in obedience and agility. And yes, I am a total dog freak!!)

You and mom would have gotten along like gangbusters. In the ’60s she did training for a number of RCMP officers.

I get along better with dogs than I do people.