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ObserverArt5/20/2014 11:24:33 am PDT

re: #556 Sergey Romanov

Skull and Bones Society… well, OK, not necessarily good guys, but not necessarily monsters either. Then there are whole religions with means of execution as their symbols… ;)

Ohhhh…Sergey is flying above some heads today!

I’ve mentioned it around here before, but you were not around I don’t think.

A good friend (since passed) and I used to go fishing, but it really was more like an exercise in philosophy. Anyway, we were kicking around what would happen if Jesus Christ came back to earth and we decided he would be killed again, but this time with someone assassinating him when speaking to the people as he would be seen as a radical threat.

My buddy then blurted out, well then, should that happen, would a future religion break out and the people would all wear a little silver pistol as the symbol of his death. And everyone would pray to the gun and make the sign of the gun, etc.

That thought has always stuck with me. I have never been able to look at the cross the same way ever again. I admit, my buddy and I were never what one would call normal. And I am still glad of that fact!