Overnight Open Thread

Vet_Missing_Parts (1LT, Ret)2/04/2009 7:01:30 am PST

re: #572 realwest

Hey LT - that “Federal Bailout money” is OUR (taxpayer) Money and damned if we shouldn’t get shares of common (voting stock) for it.
Mind you, if a company makes it on it’s own, I don’t care what the hell the CEO gets paid, but I don’t want ANYONE in any company I - derivatively at least - own shares of stock in making any $30 million a year!

That’s the thing… the government owns and controls the shares. It also think it rules us like a nanny, being morons that cannot control their own lives successfully.

There is a linkage from us to them they have abandoned… the part that says they work for us.

I don’t mind a CEO making 30 million for a company I have a stake in, but he damn well better be a miracle worker and bring in buckets of cash to the company. If he’s in the red, he shouldn’t get more than min wage.