The Breitbart President Is Raging at Delusional Fantasies

austin_blue3/05/2017 10:17:37 pm PST

re: #53 allegro

Oh fuck no.

Oh, sure. Remember when Roger and Me came out and Moore visited the house with the “Rabbits- Pets or Food” sign out in front of the house?

My dad told me about how rabbits were routinely sold as chickens in the early thirties (after being beheaded and dressed) in Denver because they were cheap protein and readily available. In Lima, guinea pigs are just roof rabbits, available in numerous restaurants in town and farmer’s markets.

Baby goats (cabrito) are normal daily fare in Mexico.

And if you’ve got more than three dogs in China, you’re a rancher.

Oh, and squirrel brains in milk are still commercially available n the US.

To be honest, brains and eggs with a side of slab bacon is a fine fry up for a weekend breakfast.