New From Seth Meyers: Sarah Sanders Says Congress Is Not "Smart Enough" to Deal With Trump's Tax Returns

Dr Lizardo4/15/2019 9:03:52 pm PDT

re: #51 danarchy

I got a pretty big headstart. A French billionaire has already pledged 100 million Euro to the reconstruction.

Yeah, I saw that, but I think this is going to cost a good deal more than 100 million Euro. It’s probably going to end up closer to one billion Euro or more. Still, that 100 million Euro is a good start.

BTW, for those who may not know, Notre-dame de Paris isn’t owned by the Church - it’s owned by the French government, so the cost of rebuilding would be their responsibility. Assuming it was an accidental blaze (and at this point, I’m pretty sure it was entirely accidental, as the fire started right at the point where restoration work was being done), I’d certainly hate to be the construction company that was responsible for the fire…..because they’re probably going to be out of business in the not-too-distant future.