The Best Moment of Trump's SOTU [VIDEO]

Joe Bacon 🌹2/04/2020 9:20:12 pm PST

re: #27 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)

I miss my Grandma every day but I am so glad that she did not have to see this. I’m glad that one of the last things she was aware of in current events was that he got impeached but damn it I selfishly wanted her to see the end of this.

I was blessed that Grandma Bacon lived thru 3 centuries to the age of 107. I know if she was alive to see this she would be even more livid than Mom and Dad. Mom would have been so angry she would have tossed a brick at the TV set tonight. And Dad would be on the warpath in front of Toomey’s field office.