The Post's 'Person of Interest' Is a Local High-School Track Runner

Destro4/18/2013 9:40:29 am PDT

re: #5 CuriousLurker

Yeah, earlier this morning I read about the guy being threatened.

You should see my Google alerts that track the Islamophobes—they’ve been pouring in so fast I can’t keep up. The assholes are in overdrive today.

But, hey. what Islamophobia? There’s no such thing. //

I think the NY Post flirts with stuff that can set off a pogrom like behavior mixed in with the New York talk hate radio that is blasting.

Just be careful out there if you are in such a part of this country. That goes for people who are not Muslim but may look Muslim-ish like Sikhs or people with Southern European complexions or Jew-fros.