Dumbest Man on Internet Screams: 10 ISIS Fighters Caught at Southern Border! DHS Says: False.

lawhawk10/08/2014 10:52:45 am PDT

Duncan Hunter pushing bogus claims? That’s the shocker right there. He’d never do anything like that.

Duncan Hunter - haggling proves lying is part of Middle East culture. Okay not a bogus claim, but clearly someone who has never negotiated anything - whether it’s a car loan, a mortgage, or a bill in Congress. As a GOPer, he probably figures that the only way legislation is passed is when the GOP crams is down without any amendments or riders by those pesky Democrats.

But then again, only a few months ago, Hunter was busy claiming that ISIL is a bunch of guys running around wearing pajamas and wasn’t a threat.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) on Tuesday said the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) does not pose a direct threat to the U.S. homeland.

“ISIS in Iraq and Syria is not an existential threat to us. They’re not going to harm the United States,” Hunter, a Marine Corps veteran, told Fox News. “They’re bad guys, yes, but a bunch of guys wearing pajamas pushing up logs, they are not an existential threat to us like North Korea is, like Iran is, like Pakistan is.”

Hunter made his comments the same day the Obama administration confirmed that an American, Douglas McAuthur McCain, was killed over the weekend fighting for the militant group.

U.S. officials and lawmakers from both sides of aisle have expressed concern that ISIS has inspired potentially thousands of people with Western passports to join their ranks so that they might carry out an attack back home.

“The only threat that lies with them is that they can get people back into the United States to do harm to us here and commit acts of terror,” according to Hunter, who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“You’re always going to have disaffected youth. You’re always going to have that pull to join something greater than yourself,” Hunter said. “People like me join the United States Marine Corps; people like McCain join ISIS.”

So, there’s that.