Pepsi Is Ditching Aspartame -- Based on No Evidence Whatsoever

Timothy Watson4/25/2015 5:10:46 pm PDT

re: #5 philosophus invidius

I’m not disputing that regularly drinking sugared soda is bad for you. I’m asking whether drinking diet soda in the same amounts in it place is shown to be any better for you. And some studies say its not. For Vox to treat the cancer studies and other studies regarding diabetes etc. as the same is misleading. In the first case, there is compelling evidence that something is not a danger, and in the second case there is no compelling evidence that there is a danger. Those are very different since the latter is consistent with saying that there is no compelling evidence that it is not a danger—that is, the jury’s still out.

Did you actually read the article?

As for whether aspartame and other sweeteners contribute to weight gain, as some people seem to fear? There’s no clear evidence here. Some researchers have found that artificial sweeteners promote weight gain, while other studies show they actually help with weight loss. “More often than not,” Carroll explained, “this is because people wind up overcompensating for the calorie savings they think they’re getting by switching beverages (think of the person who orders dessert as a reward for having diet soda). But in those cases it’s not the diet beverage that caused weight gain; it’s dieters’ behavior.”