H. Brandt Ayers: Slyly Playing Race Card - the Anniston Star: Opinion

CuriousLurker7/22/2015 1:41:54 pm PDT
The white Southerner has no powerful friend to bolster his self-esteem and advocate for him.

Seriously, the whiny poor persecuted white man thing again? He has “no powerful friend”? He controls the whole freaking power structure in this country and has since it’s inception. He has no need of friends.

But the Civil War!! Uh-huh, white men disagreed and picked a fight with other white men over an executive order issued by their white, freely elected president. After four years of fighting they ended up getting their asses handed to them. Whose fault is that?

He has no caucus or monument in Washington.

The entirety of Washington D.C. is his monument, FFS. His white Congress approved its creation, his white president signed it into law, and his black slaves helped to build it. WTF more do you want??