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Belafon2/02/2019 9:16:55 pm PST

From the previous thread:

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For me, as a Virginia voter, the Northam fiasco has brought up a number of issues that I am currently wrestling with.

1. When is political redemption possible?
2. When is nullifying someone’s vote wrong?
3. What are the implications and consequences of nullifying someone’s vote?
4. Is ‘purity’ involved in this? And if so, at what point is seeking purity wrong?
5. Who gets to decide on who holds an office beyond his voters?
6. When is it better to lose an election rather than compromise on one’s values?
7. There are multiple threads of loyalty involved. Which loyalties are more important than others? How do you decide?

I’m going to answer some of the questions with one statement.

The Democratic party is representative of a whole lot of different people, one group of which is the African American community. They have had to deal with a lot, but have consistently supported Democrats. In return, I think it’s the right thing for Democrats to take their concerns in any decisions we make. And Democrats can’t win without African Americans.

In an ideal world, both parties and the media would be trying to figure out how to finally deal with our dark history. Instead, though, we have a racist party that none-the-less thinks it can be the arbiter of who is racist, and a media that needs a story about Democrats so that they can feel balanced. So Democrats are left with doing the right thing and getting punished for it. But, even though I also struggle with where do we stop, it’s far better for us to be trying than not.

I wonder if it might not be a good idea for the Democratic party to have it’s own truth-and-reconciliation. Kind of a “let’s get everything out on the table, but if you do it now, we will discuss it.” I had to do something like that when my oldest was younger. He’d dug himself a deep enough hole that attempting to get out was actually making it worse. So we did a reset-with-responsibilities, which gave him a chance to come clean, but the consequences came as a one-shot deal rather than a response to an escalating set of circumstances.

And when the media and GOP start doing their crap we can go “The adults are talking, run along.”