If Atheism Were a Religious Faith

Nyet7/18/2011 6:56:44 am PDT

re: #4 Locker

The most general def of atheism is lack of belief in god’s existence. That means that atheists are not necessarily “sure” that god doesn’t exist, so you’re simply wrong, LOL.

As for what can and cannot be proven, you can’t disprove numerous things, like Santa Claus, or Invisible Pink Unicorn. I mean, you can’t even disprove a claim that 9/11 was a deed by very powerful aliens who just made it seem (with their great powers) that it was Al Qaeda. Yes, you can’t disprove such a claim, yet you would dismiss it in a second, wouldn’t you? That makes you religious by your own definition - you have faith in non-alien origin of 9/11! I could go on.

Further reading: “There is no god, and yes I can say that”. Enjoy.