The experience of sharing a physical newspaper

Bob Levin7/21/2011 10:43:36 am PDT

Before we wax into melted candles, newspapers have worked hard to earn their present position. And a certain blog highlighting the Dan Rather scandal let everyone know that there are alternatives. Charles and Glenn Reynolds, historically, let us all know that the pile of fire hazard that would build up so close to the couch needn’t bother us anymore and we wouldn’t be any worse for wear.

However, I miss the size of the old papers, the different ways they could be folded to fit your reading needs. Watch a movie with Spencer Tracy reading the paper—it was a comparative tent. Nowadays, I see the local paper, a paper with national reputation, and it looks like it was printed in a high school. There are no reporters left, it can slide under a door crack, and the quality of what’s considered objective….well, there’s a reason some of us post here.