Glenn Beck Says Michelle Obama Responsible For New Spider-Man

The Ghost of a Flea8/03/2011 7:44:57 pm PDT

The Marvel folks—Queseda, Bendis, and a few others—have already twittered that the character is based on Daniel Glover, who got a huge round of support after his audition for the Spider-man reboot.

Blatantly obvious Beck doesn’t follow comics, and he pulled this event to cultivate ODS and racial butthurt.

re: #4 moderatelyradicalliberal

Oooh, me too. I vote for Ildris Elba!

Good choice. I could see him getting the Bruce Wayne suave/Batman intense dichotomy down. Every film Batman so far has just been incapable of that balance.

Weirdly, I’m such a fan of the Kevin Conroy animated Batman I have a hard time visualizing anybody as the Caped Crusader. People were like “Christian Bale!” and I was like, eh…