International Conference on Victims of Terrorism: Guess Which Country Wasn't Invited

SanFranciscoZionist7/10/2012 3:44:02 pm PDT

re: #1 Destro

OK, here is the website: International Conference coorganised by the Organisation of American Sates (OAS) and the Council of Europe, 16-17 June, San Sebastian, Spain

This seems as if it was limited to countries of the Americas and Europe. Israel is an Asian/Middle Eastern country.

Israel does have Council Of Europe observer status as listed on the website (under tab “47 countries”).

I don’t get the anti-European bent of Americans. I just don’t get it. It is still New vs Old Europe and freedom fries with many Americans and claims that Europe sides with terrorists, etc. Right down to claims Obama wants to turn American into France or Germany. America should be so lucky.

The Organization of American States also appears to have sponsored and been part of the organizing, and they had people from several South American countries. It seems heavily geared toward Spain and former colonies. Not clear to me if there’s a list of nations who were invited and not invited. Can anyone find it?

Meanwhile…Columbia? I know they were worried about terrorism at the Vancouver Olympics, but…