'Trampire:' Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women

Yeah Sure WhatEVs9/09/2012 11:23:44 am PDT

re: #5 JamesWI

Except neither she nor Pattinson have ever once confirmed that they even had a relationship - not once, not ever - its only been speculation until, after this ‘scandal’ broke and she, for the first time both acknowledged the relationship and apologized (both of which are out of character for this very private girl). There was no engagement but for in the minds pages, and screens of tabloids.

I could care less about their relationship, but the double standard burns. Worse even, both Stewart and the director admitted to this and said they did nothing more than play kissy-face. And that, if true, which, for whatever reason I believe, makes this slut-shaming all the more worse.

And yes, this crap is my guilty pleasure. I know these celebs by name because I read dumb mags on airplanes. I’ve actually even seen KStew’s films, which is something I can say about very few celebs in the tabloids. And for this kid I feel sorry because she usually is so private and not a typical talentless famewhore.