Why Israel had many fewer civilian casualties than Gaza

EiMitch11/27/2012 4:19:50 pm PST

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Oh yeah? Well…

Um, oh yeah? … Shut up! j/k

Moving on.

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Hamas unable to get rockets? Surely you jest!

Nice strawman.

Rather, its the type of rocket each side chooses to get that’s different.

And here you demonstrate that you knew what I meant.

Israel’s Iron Dome rockets are strictly for defense— to prevent civilian casualties. OTOH, the rockets Hamas chooses are strictly for offense— to cause civilian casualties.

Or maybe not.

Hamas bought a bunch of rockets and removed the warheads in order to make them lighter and increase flight range.

Israel has a smart radar system that can distinguish rockets likely to fall harmlessly into fields or water on their own from rockets likely to hit cities, and automatically strike the latter mid-flight.

Can you program an entire network of rockets to do all that with your smart tab? If not, then its safe to say there is more to iron dome than rockets. Hence, strawman.

I believe you are making an assumption here. A false assumption: namely, that, like Israel, Hamas wants to avoid casualties amongst their own civilians.

Since when have I had anything nice to say about Hamas? Take some prozac or something. I was talking about whether or not the Palestinians in general had thought of making bomb shelters. Surely, it had occurred to them at some point they’d need ‘em. Like I said, a solid building cellar should do.

Would you trust anything from Hamas? (How much do you know about the group?)

If only there was some international organization which could survey something simple like whether residential buildings had cellars strong enough to shelter the inhabitants in an emergency. One can only dream. /sarc

However, I googled for info on bomb shelters for both Israel and Gaza. Israel has lots of shelters (as well as safe rooms in apt bldgs) for their civilians, Hamas does not.

Wtf?! Didn’t you just say you didn’t trust… I mean… Why would… **head explodes**