Michelle Wolf Explains How to Properly Crush the Souls of Trump's Cronies

Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel7/02/2018 5:44:15 am PDT

The right’s constant yelping about the “violent left” has reached the level of mass hysteria. Alex Jones, SMOTI, Breitbart and hordes of even lesser lights have picked up the theme. Their evidence, as usual, was pulled out of their ass but the increasingly shrill warnings focus sharply on gunfire as the final solution. I think their leaders (including those in Moscow) are tuning them up for a massacre, possibly during the big anti-Trump protests planned for the 4th.

Wilkes, btw is the Lubbock radio host who was featured in LGF Pages a little over 2 years ago :
Lubbock Radio Host: Orlando Victims Were ‘Getting Lit, Using Illegal Drugs and Spreading STDs’