"By Fire" - a Hiatus Kaiyote Cover by Kneebody (Ft. Michael Mayo) [VIDEO]

KGxvi5/12/2019 10:06:09 pm PDT


Episode 5 was like a Steve Bannon fever dream; so clearly invoking 9/11 imagery while foreign hordes embark on a rape and murder spree.

My new theory (which I swear I developed before this episode) is that this ends with the Seven Kingdoms again being 7 kingdoms.

I could see something like Tyrion as King of the Rock, Sansa as Queen in the North, Robin Arryn as King of the Vale, whoever the new prince of Dorne is, Yara Greyjoy ruling the Iron Islands, maybe Gendry as king of the stormlands ruling from Storm’s End. But I don’t know who rules the Reach…