Richie Kotzen: "Raise the Cain"

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re: #52 Targetpractice

It’s an eye-catching headline, but really the biggest worry for folks in those areas considered “at-risk” is getting water up your nose. Drinking the water is (AFAIK) safe, or at least doesn’t carry the risk of a brain infection. So the safest course would be to wear a nose-clip if you’re doing anything where water will cover your head (swimming, bathing, etc).

The issue for a water supply system [wateroperatorhat] is that it thrives in warm fresh water, particularly if there is bacteria (which the amoeba feeds on). It gets into homes and survives in places of pooled water, water heaters, cisterns, &c. The amoeba particularly does well in very warm water (hence water heaters).

While drinking the water is fatal to the amoeba (due to stomach acid), the water can be aerosolised (by turning on a tap or flushing a toilet), or accidentally snorted up the nose (such as a hiccough or choking during drinking).

The disease if it enters the brain is universally fatal; thus it is one of the things tested for in water suppliles. [/wateroperatorhat]