Rachel Corrie and her Dedication to Peace

Sophia779/03/2012 12:46:29 pm PDT

People seem to have forgotten the Intifada. This was the horrible backdrop of Corrie’s death.

People need to internalize what was happening inside of Israel - thousands of people were killed and maimed in bombings, civilians deliberately targeted.

You can claim the ISM is nonviolent all you wish but they were implicitly defending a violent movement, one which walked away from compromise and peace negotiations in favor of homicide bombings.

Also, attacking the bulldozer driver, who’d been working for days without rest, is just wrong. He couldn’t have seen her in any case. I know people who’ve driven those things.

This was a wartime tragedy, period. I don’t think Corrie should be demonized but she wasn’t a saint either. There are photos of her burning and American flag with the Star of David drawn in place of our 5 pointed stars. She was burning this hybrid flag in front of impressionable little children.

It’s time to stop this, stop violence, unfortunately for the people who died in the intifada and subsequently it’s too late. It’s too late for the bereaved, too late for the maimed.

Nevertheless people must try to move forward and reconcile, try to work together. The world as a whole is facing huge problems - overpopulation, global warming, entire species are crashing and cannot be replaced.

I think it’s time to let Rachel Corrie rest in peace along with the hell of violence and hate.