Why I Parted Ways With The Right

Cato the Elder11/30/2009 8:55:49 pm PST

re: #552 SanFranciscoZionist

Or body armor. Or enough money for their families to live on. Or someone to feed their dog while they’re away. Or…well, you know. Stuff that costs money.

Thank God wearing patriotic accessories and crying about how much you love the troops doesn’t cost any money.

/bitter. My BIL has now got a second job as a fry cook, you know, in his spare time from serving his country. Last year he was overseas, next year he’ll be overseas…I think this is his fourth deployment.

I have a more serious reply than my “Snoopy dance” quip above.

On Veterans’ Day, when all the wankers were crying about how much they luuurve this country and falling all over themselves to thank our soldiers, sailors, airmen, submariners, SEALs, Special Forces and fry cooks for their service, I suggested, here and on Facebook, that people take a hard look at that homeless guy stationed near the entrance to the freeway you take every day.

I mentioned a specific man, who holds a certain place, day after day in Baltimore. I know his story.

And people (not here) told me that he was a fake vet and a fraud and I was a dupe for bringing him food and money.

No yellow ribbon or pious sentiment is too good for our men and women in uniform.