Overnight Open Thread

eschew_obfuscation2/04/2009 7:08:30 am PST

I hope this isn’t a double post….having network problems.

re: #572 realwest

Hey LT - that “Federal Bailout money” is OUR (taxpayer) Money and damned if we shouldn’t get shares of common (voting stock) for it.
Mind you, if a company makes it on it’s own, I don’t care what the hell the CEO gets paid, but I don’t want ANYONE in any company I - derivatively at least - own shares of stock in making any $30 million a year!

I really do understand your sentiment, but would you hire the cheapest pilot you could find to fly your plane? ….. or no pilot?

If you limit salary for execs of large companies to $500,000, you won’t have any senior management…..or at least, none who can run a company that size.